How to take care of the postpartum fitness and nutrition?

Having a baby is a lifetime achievement, your body has gone through hell and back during your pregnancy and it is necessary that you know how to prepare it for the next phase of your life.

Postpartum can be a tough time physically and emotionally, taking care of your body is a priority. Mainstream society often pushes the myth that one can and should get back into intense exercise after giving birth. This can be harmful to the systemic and orthopaedic health of the mother, it is more important to approach postpartum fitness with caution and guidance.

Can we give musk melon to a child of 7 months? what are the benefits?

Has your baby started eating solids yet? Have you been trying to introduce new foods? Then it may surely seem a tough task. As a parent, you would want to opt for food which may be appealing to your baby and also good for health. One such fruit could be Muskmelon.

How to cope with my child when he cries every day as she gets up in the morning?

Sleep should be a peaceful time while the body rests and energizes for the day ahead. However, several physical or mental conditions may lead your kid to have an improper sleep resulting in crying when waking up.

Are your expectations too much from your child?

As a parent, we want our kid to excel in everything and want them to be successful. You would want them to be involved and come up with a variety of interests. You would want them to be productive and in all this, you may elevate your expectations from them which may be good.

Why constructive criticism is a must for parenting teens?

Criticism comes in all shapes and forms, throughout life. Existence calls for mistakes, that is how we learn and grow better. It can be constructive or destructive, but how it is received determines its effect on us. Receiving criticism, the right way can be highly rewarding and is a must while parenting teens.