Why do I not get sleep during the night, during pregnancy?

There will be so many failed attempts to have a proper and sound sleep at night during your period of expecting a baby. You will wake up so many times to urinate, get disturbed with the leg cramps, feel nausea and as the belly grows its almost impossible to find the perfect position to sleep in bed.

What are the strategies to help you feel better when you are overwhelmed as a new mom?

You finally have your little bundle of joy in your arms and no amount of happiness can come close to the feeling you have now. Congratulations! You are a mom! But this word seems quite new to you, right?

Is it normal for the children to bite their nails? How can i stop this habbit?

Nail-biting is one of the most commonly seen habits among children which is most likely to continue into their adulthood. Usually nail-biting is perceived as a “nervous habit”. Because nail-biting is associated with anxiety in children.

How can you discipline your child by taking away the privileges?

There will be times when talking would not work anymore and you got to be strict. Taking away privileges is one of the most common, yet very effective way to discipline your kid. Privileges may be anything that your kid enjoys, be it a toy, an activity or any of your kid’s belongings. Not all parents resort to this approach, but some find it very useful for their families.

How to deal with the disrespectful behaviour of your teenager

Disrespectful behaviour in teenagers – It means teenagers can get frustrated easily, with themselves and with others due to external situations. It makes them impulsive and subject to mood swings that are not observed in adults. It is like a heady cocktail that can turn teenagers into emotional wrecks.