What are the causes, precautions & remedies for a round ligament pain in a pregnant woman?

Pain in the abdomen is routine during pregnancy, it is often because of the stretching of round ligaments. Round ligament pain refers to cramps caused by stretching of the ligaments that proceed from the front of the uterus.

Baby boy names (western) with meaning- an alphabetical order

Congratulations! It’s a baby boy! You finally have your cute little bundle of joy in your arms. And now comes the most interesting part, naming your baby! It can be quite confusing and hence we have a few suggestions for you:

What are the speech and language development milestones from 15-20 months?

This is a continuation of the speech and language developmental milestones resource and focuses on the development from 15 to 20 months of age.

What are the side effects of flu shots in kids?

The flu vaccine helps your child prevent the flu, which is worse than the cold. Flu tends to make a person sick for a longer period. It’s important that apart from kids parents also take these shots to protect their infant from other health risks.

How can you handle tricky conversations with your teens?

Having a conversation with teenagers can sometimes be very difficult. They no longer just listen to what you say but want answers regarding everything. You might not be comfortable in talking about everything with your child.

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