How to Get Pregnant with Twins? Things to know

Twins are a very intriguing pair. Whether fraternal or maternal, there’s not a single dull moment at home when you have not one but two kids of the same age chasing each other. Theirs is something very fascinating about the way they behave around each other.

How would the language and cognitive development of a child of 16 months be?

Cognition refers to the thinking process of an individual. It is complex and involves learning, reasoning, problem-solving and making changes to the existing information. When children are born, they have little to no information about the world around them.

How would the language and cognitive development of a child of 18 months be?

Cognitive development refers to the thinking process of a person. Cognition is a very complex process and is essential to the overall development of an individual.

How can praise, encouragement and rewards help your child?

No matter how old your child gets, a little praise and encouragement will always benefit your child and give them the boost to try out things further. Praise is when you like something your child has done. It nurtures their self-esteem and confidence.

How can I manage my child’s examination fear?

A child’s academic journey is marked with examinations, they can sometimes act as a hurdle that causes more stress than the other aspects of schooling. Exams have become very important in this competitive world, where proving yourself time and again is vital.