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How to check on the wellbeing and happiness of your teenager?

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Wellbeing and happiness are two different concepts. Happiness is just a mood or a state of mind. One can never be happy all the time and happiness is just a part of your teen’s wellbeing.

What you should know of parachute reflexes in your baby?

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Every living being regardless of their age have responses/reactions to every action though differently. Just like that, even your baby will show reflexes to a certain moment and these show their motor skills and movement.

What are the benefits of pumpkin and give 5 recipes of pumpkin to be given to a child above 6 months?

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At the age of 6 months, the process of teething begins and the child is able to chew some solid foods. Feeding them solid foods before the development of milk teeth will just cause them to spit it out immediately.

What are the speech and language development milestones from 7-10 months?

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Your baby might shock you with how swiftly he is picking up new skills. Infant development milestones for a 7 to 10-month-old comprises sitting, standing and laughing.

Babies are allergic to some foods when feeding solids to your child? How to recognise these allergies?

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Allergic reactions happen when the body’s immune system reacts or rejects things that are usually harmless. Babies can also have allergies but are less likely than older children and adults to have them

How to encourage your teen’s good behaviour?

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Teenagers go through many hormonal changes which cause them to be moody, aggressive and behave unpredictably.

What are the speech and language development milestones from 3-6 months?

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Voice, speech, and language are the appliance we use to communicate with each other. Voice is the sound we make as air from our lungs is trusted between vocal folds in our larynx, causing them to vibrate.

What is a heat rash? How can you avoid getting it?

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Heat rash is a quite common problem but parents often confuse it with other kinds of rashes. Just when you learn to distinguish them, you would know how to treat and prevent them from avoiding worsening of the condition.

How to handle and support independence in the teens?

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The term “independence” is scary for parents because they have the tendency to protect their children from any harm. Many parents are reluctant to let go of some control over their teens because they worry about the well-being of their teenager.

Is it advisable to give Sabudhana (Sago) to a child of 6 months? what are its benefits to a child?

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As a parent, you will always be concerned about what your baby eats, especially if he has just switched from milk to solids. While sooji or rawa is a decent alternative and one that is stacked with the perfect measure of starch, nutrients and minerals for your child.

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