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Give a 7-day week format for giving food to your 7-month-old baby and also give in the form of a chart?

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Now that your baby is 7 months old, you will see some physical development in him like being able to sit up, start teething and so on. Feeding him/her the right food during the initial development stage is very important.

How can you get your child to overcome the fear of water before swimming?

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An infant generally cherishes the bathing hour, however, with time a few children will fear water particularly at the poolside or tub time. From 8 months onwards, children become conscious of the unexpected fear of being in the water.

How can I help my baby crawl?

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At a point when your infant starts crawling, you are more excited than them! Crawling is a huge physical achievement as it is an early sign of your child’s bodily changes. Children use crawling to understand and learn about their surroundings.

What happens when the child does not care for consequences or timeouts?

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When you send your child to timeout or you take away his benefits for trouble-making, you expect that the consequences should bother a bit so that it will help him to settle on better decisions next time.

What are the different ways to help your child develop observation skills?

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As your child grows, he develops a variety of skills, out of which the observation skill is one. It uses the sensory skills like hearing, listening, taste, smell and sense of touch of the child. The more enhanced your kid's observation skills are, the more they will be able to explore the world around them. To help your child improve, they are many activities you could do along.

How can you teach your child to be responsible for his behaviour?

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Your child means the world to you and loves them without any expectations. And more often you tend to ignore their mistakes. Sometimes this can lead to a lack of responsibility in them. You might expect your teen to take responsibility as she grows but sometimes it doesn’t work like that.

How can you understand that your child is undergoing stress and anxiety?

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Anxiety or stress might look normal word to others to describe little annoyances, but it can actually turn out to be serious or a mental health disorder. For the people who haven’t experienced anything like this anxiety can be hard to understand.

How to handle your child’s anger?

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Anger is one of the most basic emotions shown by all human beings. Everyone has bad days and anger intensifies such situations. Some of the most common manifestations of anger are – screaming, throwing objects, slamming doors and being abnormally rude to others.

Can we teach yoga to pre-schoolers? If yes, what are the benefits?

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Yoga comprises of physical postures, meditation and breathing. By practising yoga we improve our self spiritually, physically and psychologically. Yoga improves our health, keeps us active and relaxed, it also helps us in finding inner peace and increases the inner core strength.

Is music good for pregnant women? When should a pregnant woman start using it?

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Your baby can feel everything you feel. And from the seventh month onwards your baby can hear and respond to sounds from your womb. So, if you're listening to music or someone is talking then your baby is more likely to hear all of it. A healthy pregnancy is a key to ensure your baby's well-being after birth as well.

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