Give a 7-day week format for giving food to your 7-month-old baby and also give in the form of a chart?

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Now that your baby is 7 months old, you will see some physical development in him like being able to sit up, start teething and so on. Feeding him/her the right food during the initial development stage is very important.

How can I help my baby crawl?

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At a point when your infant starts crawling, you are more excited than them! Crawling is a huge physical achievement as it is an early sign of your child’s bodily changes. Children use crawling to understand and learn about their surroundings.

How and when can the development in a baby take place through the sense of touch?

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Even before a baby can see, hear, smell or taste the baby develops the sense of touch. It is one of the first senses, which the baby learns and it helps the baby to adapt to his environment. It helps the baby to communicate his needs, interact and explore his surroundings and get a feel of everything. The sense of touch plays a vital role in strengthening the bond between a baby and his/her parents or caregivers.

Can we give musk melon to a child of 7 months? what are the benefits?

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Has your baby started eating solids yet? Have you been trying to introduce new foods? Then it may surely seem a tough task. As a parent, you would want to opt for food which may be appealing to your baby and also good for health. One such fruit could be Muskmelon.

Can I give raagi with milk to a baby of 6 months onwards? what are the benefits?

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What to feed and what not to, is always the biggest question to most of the parents. You will always want it perfect and right for your little bundle. As a parent, you would and you should add ragi to your kid's diet as it is one among the healthiest grains you will come across.

What are the different porridge’s we can give to a baby above 6 months and their recipes?

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Now that your baby is 6 months old, they've got enough nutrients from the breast milk and got to begin consuming solids along with the breast milk. Porridges have always been considered the best for a 6-month-old. Porridge can be made with different base ingredients such as oats, rice, ragi or barley which are all of great nutritional value to your child.

What is the food chart for an 11-month-old baby?

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The good news is that your 11 months old can now eat a lot of food like the rest of the members of the family. Their teeth have been more developed and have a better digestive system. There will, however, always be some worrying among the parents, on what and how much food to feed their child.

What is the food chart for a 10th-month-old baby?

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As a parent, you are always concerned about the food requirements and the things to be avoided in your child’s meal. Now that your baby is 10 months old, you may need to provide him/her with the needed nutrients and the best food to develop his taste.

Why is it important to give vaccinations to your baby?

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Vaccination is the process of administering vaccines to assist the immune system to fight diseases. The immune system is our body’s greatest defender. Sometimes, the protection offered by it has to be enhanced. Vaccinations offer many needed layers of protection.

How to adopt a game plan to parent your baby positively?

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Parenting can take a toll on anyone. Once you have a child, you have to adjust your life according to your little one’s needs and desires. By the end of the first month, parents become well acquainted with dark circles. It is exhausting to find out that your baby needs another diaper change when you finally sit down to relax your feet. Parents get little to no time for themselves, especially in the first few years. How much ever you love your little bundle of joy, you are prone to get frustrated at times.

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