What happens when the child does not care for consequences or timeouts?

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When you send your child to timeout or you take away his benefits for trouble-making, you expect that the consequences should bother a bit so that it will help him to settle on better decisions next time.

What are the different ways to help your child develop observation skills?

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As your child grows, he develops a variety of skills, out of which the observation skill is one. It uses the sensory skills like hearing, listening, taste, smell and sense of touch of the child. The more enhanced your kid's observation skills are, the more they will be able to explore the world around them. To help your child improve, they are many activities you could do along.

How to handle your child’s anger?

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Anger is one of the most basic emotions shown by all human beings. Everyone has bad days and anger intensifies such situations. Some of the most common manifestations of anger are – screaming, throwing objects, slamming doors and being abnormally rude to others.

Can we teach yoga to pre-schoolers? If yes, what are the benefits?

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Yoga comprises of physical postures, meditation and breathing. By practising yoga we improve our self spiritually, physically and psychologically. Yoga improves our health, keeps us active and relaxed, it also helps us in finding inner peace and increases the inner core strength.

How can you teach your child to be more compassionate?

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Being compassionate or showing compassion to others is one of the most important traits of a human being. It allows us to be moved by others' suffering and helps to alleviate or prevent it. It takes into consideration others' feelings as well as emotions.

How can you handle complaints of your children at school?

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At some point during your child's schooling, you are likely to receive a complaint regarding either her behaviour or her performance and thus they, in turn, start complaining about school. Many parents tend to respond to teachers’ complaint by being argumentative or start blaming the problem at the teacher’s professional skills or attitude based on children’s complaints.

What is the best way to respond when your child tells a lie or steals?

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As a parent, when you get to know that your kid has been lying to you or has stolen things, you may get angry, disappointed and doubtful about your child. You may be in a position where your parenting may be questioned but its nothing to do with you. It's a formative stage where they need it, they take it.

Are your expectations too much from your child?

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As a parent, we want our kid to excel in everything and want them to be successful. You would want them to be involved and come up with a variety of interests. You would want them to be productive and in all this, you may elevate your expectations from them which may be good.

How do you handle a picky eater?

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Kids these days are a huge fan of junk and fast food that anything else seems tasteless to them. They’ve turned to be choosy about the food they want to eat, and it gets difficult for parents to feed them with the healthier items.

How TV and technology affect the growth and development of my child?

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Technology has its place in every person’s life be it a 30-year-old or a 3-year-old. Kids these days know how to operate a smartphone and change channels on the TV even before they could ride a bike. They choose to spend time playing on the iPad than going to the park and play with a bat and a ball. It has its benefits if used within limits.

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