What are the side effects of flu shots in kids?

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The flu vaccine helps your child prevent the flu, which is worse than the cold. Flu tends to make a person sick for a longer period. It’s important that apart from kids parents also take these shots to protect their infant from other health risks.

How to help your child deal with uncomfortable emotions?

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Emotions play a very important role in an individual’s day-to-day activities. It affects your behaviour and the way you look at and handle things. It can either create a positive effect or a negative one.

What are the common reasons for your child to be hyperactive?

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Young children are usually very active by nature, but some children are much more active than the rest. While some children get tired and eventually stop, some of them just don’t stop moving or fidgeting.

Give 10 tips to help your child remember things or develop memory

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Childhood is all about learning new things and retaining them. For that, you need to have a strong memory. The ability to capture memories and recall knowledge as well as what they have learned will help them in all of their future endeavours.

How to develop a good family relationship?

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Family is what helps children to grow in a healthy and safe environment. Children learn to trust them before anyone else. Good family relationships promote children’s well-being and healthy development.

How can you make family mealtime easy and fun loving?

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Having regular meals with your whole family can help a lot in strengthening of the family bond and relationship. It can make a huge difference in a child’s life. It tends to bring positivity in the house.

What is autism? What are the early signs of autism?

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It is hard to take the news of your beloved suffering from autism. It is never easy to take or handle the news that your loved one is suffering from some serious health condition. And autism is one of them.

9 practical tips to limit the screen time of your kid

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It has been observed that new generation kids are much busier with electronic gadgets than spending their time playing outside. Excessive use of electronic gadgets is not only affecting their health but hindering their growth and development as well.

Who is an authoritarian parent? Are they helpful to their children?

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Parents have their own way and type of parenting style to help their child grow and develop. It’s important to ensure a healthy environment to encourage healthy development and growth of your child.

How to encourage my child to choose arts?

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It is through art that children express themselves. What they are unable to speak or express in terms of words, they draw or paint. Since the early ages your little one might have started drawing anywhere and everywhere, it can be on the floor or the walls or on papers.

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