Can carrots be given to baby of 6 months onwards? What are its health benefits?

Can carrots be given to baby of 6 months onwards? What are its health benefits?

As a parent, you want to do everything right for your kid especially the right food since day one. You would even look for food to develop tastes and also that’s good for his health. Along with cucumbers and tomatoes, carrots could be another option to include in their salad diets.

Carrots are simple for children to swallow and process. Most infants like the taste, as well, since they have a characteristic inclination for desserts; carrots are one of the best ever food to be given to the kids.

Children by and large are prepared to attempt vegetables, for example, carrots, at 6 to 8 months. Offer 2 to 3 tablespoons of this valuable vegetable per meal to begin. All things being equal, it is ideal to check with your primary care physician before beginning strong nourishment things.

Solid-Body Cells:

Carrot contains certain properties that straightforwardly influence the cell development system. This guarantees the development of cells which are unchecked and uncontrolled. Then again, in zones where cell development should be quick, for example, wound or wounds, carrots help with mending those territories.

carrots for babies

Nourishment: Carrots are a superb wellspring of beta-carotene, which transforms into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A guides your child’s eyes. Carrots likewise advance a solid insusceptible framework and contain photochemical that may secure against coronary illness and certain malignant growth. Additionally, Carrots are wealthy in fibre, which enables your newborn child to have typical solid brown discharges. Carrots additionally contain some iron, calcium and Vitamin C.

Better Liver Functioning: On the occasion of any lethal synthetic concoctions entering the body, the essential organ to be influenced is the liver. Carrot contains properties that help body cells as well as shields the liver from the impacts of such unsafe synthetic concoctions.

Reinforces Immunity: The most significant thing that an infant requires is a solid invulnerable framework. Lymphocytes and blood platelets assume a key job in keeping the equalization of the insusceptible framework and guaranteeing its quality. Carrots help improve the quantities of these substances that lift the resistance inside the kid.

Better Circulation: A circulatory framework not just vehicles oxygen through the heart and veins, yet also helps flush out the poisons from the body, on account of the kidneys. Carrots contain flavonoids, which are micronutrients. These legitimately improve the strength of the heart and kidney and enhance their working capacity.

Improved Eyesight: Vitamin A and beta-carotene are the two basic components in charge of building up a decent visual perception. These influence the development of the retina and help keep up in appropriate condition. Carrot contains both these components in great sums, keeping up a reasonable and sharp vision.

carrots for infants

Improves memory: Carrots are additionally known to assume a huge job in intellectual advancement. They contain a compound called lute Olin, which can avert cerebrum irritation and slow memory misfortune that accompanies age.

Purifies the body: Probably the best thing about carrots as a titbit is that they are low in cholesterol. That isn’t all. Carrots help expel the awful cholesterol or fat from the liver while keeping up the bile levels in the organ. Counting carrots in your eating routine can enable you to purge the assortment of poisons. The dietary fibre in the vegetable aides in keeping the colon clean and revives the end of waste.

Sound teeth: Have you at any point asked why we eat crude carrot sticks after a dinner? Carrots are characteristic abrasives that help in cleaning the teeth. They clear the plaque from the gums and the teeth, evacuating any awful smell made by the substances we eat. Calcium and different minerals that carrots have fend off germs and keep the teeth solid and clean.

Carrot is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals which will do your youngster a ton of good. So make it a piece of their eating regimen and urge them to eat it frequently. Enjoy these Tasty carrots with them as they do good to a person of every age.


1. Carrots could be provided to infants of 6-8 months but in a softer form.
2. They are a great source of nutrients and help in developing the immune system, eyesight, memory and stronger teeth.
3. It also helps your kid by purifying its body and lead to better blood circulation.

Can carrots be given to baby of 6 months onwards?

Advantages of Carrots for Infants

Solid-Body Cells


Better Liver Functioning

Reinforces Immunity

Better Circulation

Improved Eyesight

Improves memory

Purifies the body

Sound teeth


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