Can I give raagi with milk to a baby of 6 months onwards? what are the benefits?

Can I give raagi with milk to a baby of 6 months onwards? what are the benefits?

What to feed and what not to, is always the biggest question to most of the parents. You will always want it perfect and right for your little bundle. As a parent, you would and you should add ragi to your kid’s diet as it is one among the healthiest grains you will come across.

It is known to be a superfood for the number of benefits it has. It is considered as the best first food to be given to your baby while starting solids at the age of 6 months. Ragi, also known as finger millet and Nachni, containing proteins, iron, and calcium in high amounts.

ragi with milk


As obviously it is, ragi needs to be cooked before served but wondering, along with which ingredients? Ragi can be cooked with water and in different forms but the healthiest way is to cook it with breast milk /formula milk and a little jaggery to enhance the taste. Ragi with milk is a quick porridge recipe and can be given to a child from an age of 6 months onwards.


An old man tale suggests giving ragi to a 3-month-old due to its nutritional contents. It’s so believed to help in weight gain too. Although, Whatever the saying may be, here are all the advantages of ragi you need to know why exactly it’s a great idea to feed your baby with it.

Rich Source of Calcium: The calcium substance of ragi is amazingly high and is very much helpful for your kid’s developing bones. It mitigates the danger of bone cracks and meets the requirement for calcium supplements. Apart from that, ragi additionally improves the creation of blood in the human body.

Fibre makes infants feel full: The measure of dietary fibre in ragi advances digestion of food and enables your kid to remain full for a more extended time. The amino acids present in ragi helps to get rid of the extra fat around the liver and decrease cholesterol levels in a kid’s body, in this way keeping obesity under control.

ragi-porridge-for-6 months babies

A lot of natural iron: Natural iron is present in ragi in plenty that can help avoid anaemia in kids. Sprouted ragi contains a decent measure of Vitamin C which helps in better retention of iron. Ragi, for its high dietary substance, averts any sort of malnutrition in children.

A natural relaxant: Ragi has in it a lot of natural antioxidants, loosens up the body and helps to resolve issues like, sleep deprivation, uneasiness, and cerebral pains in kids.

Cut down the danger of diabetes: The presence of fibre and polyphenol in significant quantities lessens the risk of diabetes. Meals that incorporate ragi have a low glycemic reaction.

Improves skin and hair: Presence of the amino corrosive methionine helps to have great skin and hair growth in your little one.

However, regardless of all the benefits, its always a great idea to consult the paediatrician on how much quantity to feed and the right time for it. Even though no other cereal would make up to the various benefits ragi gives, you still need to look out for any allergies. Include it in your baby’s diet early, so that your baby begins to reap the benefits of it. You can also have it along with them too. Happy Feeding.


1. Ragi is the best first food you can give your baby when starting solids at the age of 6.
2. Ragi with milk is one porridge your child will love and can be given to children above 6 months of age.
3. It has several benefits like helps digestion, reduces the risk of diabetes and enhances skin and hair quality.
4. It is a natural relaxant, have lots of iron and makes your baby feel full quickly.

Can I give raagi with milk to a baby of 6 months onwards

benefits of raagi

Ragi with milk


Rich Source of Calcium

Fibre makes infants feel full

A lot of natural iron

A natural relaxant

Cut down the danger of diabetes

Improves skin and hair


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