How to adopt a game plan to parent your baby positively?

How to adopt a game plan to parent your baby positively?

Parenting can take a toll on anyone. Once you have a child, you have to adjust your life according to your little one’s needs and desires. By the end of the first month, parents become well acquainted with dark circles.

It is exhausting to find out that your baby needs another diaper change when you finally sit down to relax your feet. Parents get little to no time for themselves, especially in the first few years. How much ever you love your little bundle of joy, you are prone to get frustrated at times.

How can you maintain a positive attitude towards the baby? What are the best tips and tricks to make the best out of a difficult situation? What approaches can you adopt?

As a parent, you should remember that it is okay to make mistakes. Sometimes you might upset your child or scream at them in frustration even if it is not a big deal. You can always revaluate the situation later and think of better ways to deal with the problem.

Keeping a close eye on your baby can help you understand their patterns of behaviour. Changes are rapid between the ages of zero and four. Development takes place on the social, emotional, physical and cognitive front. Every day your baby surprises you so you have to alter your techniques according to his maturity.

For example, a one-year-old baby won’t listen, if you ask him to stop throwing the table cloth on the ground,  but you can try to explain the same to a three-year-old. In fact, a three-year-old might even pick it off the ground and put it back in place.

Be sensitive :

Notice your baby’s mood. An important thing here is that a baby’s language is not developed. Infants can’t do much except babble whereas toddlers are familiar with only a few words. Because they are not able to express themselves properly with words, their facial expressions and overt behaviours are the best indicators of their emotions.

baby’s happy mood

Notice their reactions to your behaviour towards them. Do they respond with affection? Do they get upset easily? What makes them happy? Are there ways for you to reinforce positive behaviours? How can you discourage negative habits appropriately?

Don’t be very hard on your baby: Sometimes, as a parent, you might have certain expectations and the baby might fail to meet those. In this case, doing nothing more than changing your own expectations can improve your mood. You might have a difficult time teaching him table manners or toilet training him. Your child will make a mess right now, but he will learn eventually.

Be patient : At the end of the day, your child is just a baby. He is not old enough to grasp simple things. This might be frustrating for you but remember they will grow up in a few years. You will face different issues with your child but that is a different topic altogether.

Seek advice : If you’re having a bad parenting day, then just talking about your issues with other mothers can help. Sometimes you can even turn to your own parents and they might humour you with your childhood tales. They can also give you tips to tackle the difficulty you’re facing.

Engage with your baby : Sometimes all your baby needs, is a friend. Sing them rhymes, play a little and run with them. This keeps their brain active and keeps them engaged as well.

playing with baby

Set up play dates : This can be a good way for your baby to form relationships outside his immediate family. This can’t be possible for a newborn but as your baby grows older you can always set a play date. Call up a friend who has a toddler too and see how the two babies interact with each other.

Avoid hitting or screaming: No matter how frustrated you are, avoid hitting your baby. Violence creates fear among your baby and may even upset him or her. Not to forget that it probably won’t rectify your child’s behaviour.

Reflect: Always take time to reflect on important milestones and behaviours. Years down the line something which made you rip your hair out might make you laugh in the future.


Parenting is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. A healthy mindset and a positive attitude can help you tackle this extremely difficult phase in your life. Empathize with your baby and celebrate all his little victories from first words to first steps. While you’re capturing these instances, do not forget to live in the moment!


• As a parent, you should pay close attention to the changes in your baby’s mood and behaviour
• Sometimes you need to alter your strategy because not every solution works every time.
• Be affectionate and patient while interacting with your child.
• Applaud your baby when he can perform small tasks like drinking water on his own to boost his confidence.

How to adopt a game plan to parent your baby positively

Be sensitive

Don't be very hard on your baby

Be patient

Seek advice

Engage with your baby

Set up play dates

Avoid hitting or screaming


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