How would the language and cognitive development of a child of 16 months be?

How would the language and cognitive development of a child of 16 months be?

Cognition refers to the thinking process of an individual. It is complex and involves learning, reasoning, problem-solving and making changes to the existing information. When children are born, they have little to no information about the world around them. As they grow older, their sight sharpens and they absorb information about their environment.

Consequently, they are able to familiarize themselves with new terms and concepts. Cognitive Development refers to the way their whole thinking process evolves.

A 16-month-old thinks very differently from a 19-month-old. As time passes, new layers get added to the cognition process. Children can understand words better. They can understand the people around them with  effectiveness which was absent previously. There is a difference even in the way they respond.


What can you expect from a sixteen-month-old?

You are aware that your child can use and understand words, he couldn’t use earlier. For example, he may point at the fan and try to pronounce the word. She may start using two or more words that make sense together. Her pronunciation won’t be very clear but the emphasis here is on the fact that she understands and recognizes fans. She may not express herself properly through words but when you ask her where the fan is, she may look up and point at the ceiling.

Each child develops at their own pace and you can speed it up by reinforcing a few words and ideas in her mind. Suppose you ask her to bring something in simple words, she may oblige and look for the object. If she has animal-shaped toys and if you ask where her lion is, she will walk to her toy basket and fish out her lion. She can differentiate between her different toys. Although, she doesn’t understand animals. As time passes, a trip to the zoo or your pets at home can introduce her to this concept.

The process of translating your thoughts into words or symbols is called language development. The information in their minds is in a very raw form. Language allows them to verbally express themselves using words which is an important part of human development. Without language, communication becomes extremely difficult.

You won’t know what your child has understood until he or she tries to communicate it to you. When your child points at the fan, you’ll know that he knows what a fan is. Sometimes this gesture is accompanied by an attempt to say the word “fan”.

At this stage, your child has probably corrected some pronunciations after observing you. What they earlier pronounced as “tish” is now being correctly expressed as “fish”. However, they’re still likely to mispronounce words as they’re learning.

The best thing you can do is give them as much exposure as possible to different things. Line up different objects from home or show them pictures – repeat the exercise every day. Children love flipping through pages on their own. Sometimes they even imitate their older siblings and babble as their eyes scan the books. But be careful as they’re also bound to rip the pages.

cognitive development of a child of 16 months


Language and Cognitive development are very important processes which help babies understand the world around them. Positive reinforcement is essential to any development as it encourages behaviour.

Children feel delighted when they are being praised for even the smallest tasks and are more likely to do it the next time. One thing to remember is that although development can be anticipated, it still differs from child to child.

Some kids hit milestones earlier than expected while others are late bloomers. Other factors such as the environment and the kind of exposure they receive play a crucial role in development.


Cognitive development involves learning, thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and decision making. A baby’s thinking evolves and broadens as he grows older. Children show minor differences in their thinking which they express through language.

Language is the medium through which babies can express their thoughts and understanding of the world. The expression can be unclear even if they have a clear understanding.

At 16 months, babies can say a good amount of words and even rectify their pronunciation after observing their parents. They love to imitate “adults” and most of their learning takes place through experience.

To enhance their experience, you must provide them with repeated exposure either through pictures or showing the actual object. They’re able to grasp on simple words and accurately pronounce them. Chances are they were able to recognize some things such as ball or fish. But their pronunciation improves with time.

cognitive development

language development

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