Is it advisable to give Sabudhana (Sago) to a child of 6 months? what are its benefits to a child?

Is it advisable to give Sabudhana (Sago) to a child of 6 months? what are its benefits to a child?

As a parent, you will always be concerned about what your baby eats, especially if he has just switched from milk to solids. While sooji or rawa is a decent alternative and one that is stacked with the perfect measure of starch, nutrients, and minerals for your child.

Sabudhana has the unadulterated type of starch and sugars which is extraordinary for infants. It is additionally wealthy in supplements that help an infant’s physical advancement.

Sabudhana for 6 months old: It is the most perfect type of starch and thus an astounding wellspring of sugars. Is Sabudhana useful for infants? Indeed, it is. Although its supplement properties are less, because of its basic structure, it tends to be given to babies as early on nourishment.

For six-month-old children, it is advisable to give not more than one to two tablespoons of Sabudhana. This will make you to understand if your infant can digest the new food or not and help you understand the child response for the same.

Sabudhana for babies

Nutrients and Minerals which are stacked with Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Vitamin K are extremely significant for the development and growth of your child. It would likewise help in solid bone development. It is advised to frequently feed Sago to your child to ensure his nourishing requirements are being met at this developing stage.

Sabudhana for babies

Benefits of Sabudhana:

Simple on Tummy!

Once in a while your kid may have some stomach related issues,  then give him a very light food like sago. Since you have given Sago, he would have loved eating it and is light on the stomach as well!

It is known to be compelling against stomach related issues, for example, swelling, obstruction, and heartburn. These are the most well-known issues in youngsters and without much effort giving sago is a good option.

The powerhouse of Energy: A serving of the only 100gm of sago yields around 355 calories along with carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Sabudhana is an astounding wellspring of vitality-boosting starches. Also, it takes care of the baby’s blood circulation and blood flow when consumed daily which in turn would keep your baby more active.

Aides in Gaining weight: It is the best nourishment choice accessible for mothers who need their children to put on weight as Sago is high in sugar content. Carbs fall into the classification of macronutrients, which the body needs in good amount for vitality and cerebrum work. A 100-gram serving contains about 86 grams of carbs.

Advances Muscle Growth: Sabudhana additionally contains protein and helps muscle advancement, reinforcing them all the while. Protein is additionally pivotal for cell fix and cell capacities.

Keeps the body cool: Sago along with rice is utilized to cool the body. It is useful in treating illness because of a lot of warmth, for example, the generation of an overabundance of bile. It tends to be summer nourishment just as old age belief that it manages the body’s temperature

Belly filling: It keeps the child’s stomach full for long hours, therefore, giving an appropriate feast alternative for your infant alongside its dietary advantages.  Additionally a good choice for the moms who need to wean their youngster and battling how to ensure that little stomach is full!

Moreover, you can always consult your Paediatrician for what is best and in what quantities. It is great for adults too, so why not enjoy meals together. You could also check out various recipes to suit your baby’s taste and bring in variations.


1. Sabudhana is advisable for a 6-month-old but notes that you should give only 1 new food at a time.
2. It has several benefits like vitamins and nutrients, easy to digest, tasty, promotes muscle growth, fills the tummy to keep him full for long hours and keeps the body cool.
3. It is also summer nourishment.

Is it advisable to give Sabudhana (Sago) to a child of 6 months

what are its benefits to a child

Sabudhana for 6 months old

Benefits of Sabudhana

The powerhouse of Energy

Aides in Gaining weight

Keeps the body cool

Belly filling


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