What are the different signs to understand that you are pregnant?

What are the different signs to understand that you are pregnant?

The most obvious sign is a missed period. But it isn’t the only thing. An egg will fertilize and get implanted in the uterus walls before you get your periods. You are pregnant the moment the implantation happens. After crossing a few days or weeks into the pregnancy, your body certainly indicates the pregnancy even before the menstrual date. These symptoms start to show up after the first week of conception.

However, anxious and excited moms fail to observe these signs. There are many other ways to find out that you are pregnant.

Cramps, bleeding, and implantation: Menstrual cramps, light bleeding, and spotting are generally known as implantation bleeding are a few of the signs of pregnancy. The fertilized egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterus which results in implantation bleeding that will occur a week before your missed periods. However, look out for the signs of heavy bleeding, which may either be a miscarriage or period.

Elevated basal body temperature: One of the most accurate symptoms that shows up that you are pregnant, is the change in the basal body temperature. Before the ovulation, the temperature increases and comes back to normal after your periods. But when you are pregnant the basal body temperature stays elevated.

Sore, tender and heavy breast: The soreness, tenderness, darker areolas are a sign of pregnancy one week before your missed periods. With the rise in the level of estrogen, women feel sore, pain in the breast. Nipples begin to get darker, feeling itchy, prickly and tingly.

Fatigue and exhaustion during pregnancy

Fatigue and exhaustion:

Hormonal changes make you feel fatigued and tired. Exhaustion and sleepiness are the early signs of pregnancy. It is normal to feel extremely tired after doing small chores. Progesterone levels are the reason for an increased tendency to sleep and this will last through the entire first trimester. Your body also starts to produce more blood to support the growing foetus which will result in increased exhaustion. This can be countered by a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals, iron and plenty of fluids.

Nausea: A very prominent symptom which is an indication of pregnancy is nausea or vomiting which is known as morning sickness. Within a few days of conception, you start to feel uneasy and will experience nausea. Due to the rise in the level of estrogen and progesterone, you will wake up every morning feeling very uneasy and tend to vomit.

Food cravings and sensitive to smells: Pregnancy hormones make you crave your favourite food and can also cause aversion to smell. These symptoms occur during the initial stages after conception and may or may not last long throughout the pregnancy.

Feeling of tightness and bloating: This is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period. This happens because of a rising in the level of progesterone. The increase in the level of hormones impedes digestion, trapping of gas.

Urge to urinate: The frequent urge to urinate is another reason or sign of pregnancy. The growing uterus pushes the bladder and this tendency will increase. With hormonal change and extra production of blood, you tend to urinate frequently.

Mood swings: Changes in hormones make you feel very excited or very low. When you miss your periods, mood swings work in mysterious ways and will make you sob over the smallest and tiniest issue. The imbalance of hormones affects the neurotransmitters in your brain, causing enhanced spells of emotion ranging from anger to sudden emotional outbursts.

Strange taste in mouth:

Due to hormonal changes, you may feel the strange taste in the mouth. The taste would be like you have swallowed some unsavory metal. This metallic taste could tell you that you have already started your journey of pregnancy. This kind of symptom may disappear or could last long in some women.

Strange taste in mouth during pregnancy

The indicators mentioned above are just a sign to watch out if you are planning to be a mom soon. It may also be possible that you may not go through any of these symptoms and still be pregnant with a normal baby.

Cramps, bleeding, and implantation

Elevated basal body temperature

Sore, tender and heavy breast

Fatigue and exhaustion


Food cravings and sensitive to smells

Feeling of tightness and bloating

Urge to urinate

Mood swings

Strange taste in the mouth

Hormonal changes make you feel fatigued and tired.

Pregnancy hormones make you crave your favourite food and can also cause aversion to smell.

pregnancy before a missed period


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