What flavour of cheesecake can a pregnant woman have? And what are the nutritional benefits?

What flavour of cheesecake can a pregnant woman have? And what are the nutritional benefits?

Being pregnant brings a load of anxiety and fear along with the happiness of being a mom soon. Hunger pangs usually attack most of the pregnant women and will have cravings at unusual times which is quite normal. Cheesecakes are one of the desserts that most of the pregnant women crave for.

Now the next question is whether pregnant women can consume cheesecake or not?  With exotic flavours of cheesecake available these days, they are quite tempting and look delicious to devour while those hunger pangs strike you.


Cheesecake is a rich and filling dessert prepared by using cream cheese and soft cheese like ricotta or mascarpone. Its lovely texture and flavor melt in your mouth. It can be taken raw or baked. It is one such delicious treat that is filling, cheesecake is one such dessert that will completely satisfy those cravings and hunger pangs. But, how safe is cheesecake during pregnancy? There are a variety of cheesecakes available, but are all those healthy to consume?

We will help you find out the good and drawbacks of eating a cheesecake during the days of pregnancy.

This dessert is most craved by all pregnant women.

Now, as we all know that unpasteurized cheese and raw eggs are not recommended for pregnant women. The question is what other than these can be consumed to satisfy those hunger pangs.

• Consuming baked cheesecake is healthier for pregnant women as it contains pasteurized milk and cooked eggs. It will thus not cause any risk of listeriosis, E Coli or salmonella infections.
• The flavors which can be recommended for pregnant women are strawberry, chocolate and blueberry after it is baked.
• Cheesecake with no egg and pasteurized cheese is another option.

pregnancy women eating cheesecake

• Cheesecake containing ricotta and mascarpone cheeses are also a good choice, as they are pasteurized before using.
• Mass-produced cheesecakes, available in the supermarket, are also a good option. They always contain pasteurized milk and cooked eggs. It is always good to check the ingredients before buying.

Remember that cheesecake is a high-calorie dessert. So, have it in a limited quantity. A healthy weight gain is always important for the mother and baby.

Nutritional benefits of eating cheesecake during pregnancy:

Cheesecake contains a few simple basic ingredients: cream cheese, egg, sugar, sour cream and vanilla extract. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), one serving or one slice or one-sixth of the whole cheesecake contains 257 calories, 20g carbohydrates, 18g fat, and 4g protein. Most of the carbohydrates in cheesecake come from sugar. Cream cheese is high in fat content and sour cream contains about 20% of total fat in cheesecake.
Other nutrients present in a cheesecake are:

Vitamin A: Consuming a single slice of cheesecake contains around 80% of vitamin A which is essential for your body. Sour cream and cream cheese contain vitamin A in the form of retinol. It helps with postpartum repair in the mothers, and also maintains vision, fights infections and supports the immune system in pregnant moms. Retinol is also necessary for embryonic development in a growing baby.

pregnancy women eating cheesecake


Protein can help the health developing processes of your growing fetus. During pregnancy, the protein content helps to enhance the muscle and tissue development process of the unborn child’s body.


18g of fat out of which 8g is saturated. Excess consumption of fat is present in a single slice of cheesecake. pregnancy triggers numerous discomforts. But a moderate intake helps enhance the health condition of both the mother and the growing baby. The fat-soluble vitamins get absorbed by fats, and your body gets enough quantity of beneficial vitamin.


You will get about 166g of sodium by consuming one slice of cheesecake. It will help in the overall healthy development of your growing fetus. Risk of cardiovascular diseases like attacks and strokes increases if there is an excess of sodium content in your body.

It is better to have homemade cheesecake using low-fat ingredients and low sugar, help limit the calories and fat content.

You can also use ricotta cheese, which contains half the fat content of cream cheese. Sugar or artificial sweetness can be used while preparing cheesecake after checking with your doctor. Fresh fruits and dry fruits can be used for toppings.


Nutritional benefits of eating cheesecake during pregnancy

Vitamin A

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Cheesecake contains a few simple basic ingredients


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