What are the causes of postpartum hair loss? How to overcome it?

What are the causes of postpartum hair loss? How to overcome it?

There are several things to talk about during and after pregnancy. We have added one more now – What causes Postpartum Hair loss? Postpartum hair loss has no more been a mystery. It is just a temporary phase and your hair will go back to normal within a few weeks to a few months. So do not panic and enjoy more with your baby.

What causes Postpartum Hair loss?

Hair fall after childbirth may be distressing but it is normal and nothing to stress about. This hair fall period starts around 3- 4 months post-pregnancy and you might have felt your hair looked great and shinier while you were pregnant.

Our hair goes through a cycle where 85% of hair grows actively and the remaining 15% is in a resting mode. This 15% of hair starts falling while you comb or wash your hair post-pregnancy making way for new hair, known as shedding period.

At the time of pregnancy, due to the high oestrogen levels, the growing stage of the hair is prolonged. There are very few hairs in the resting mode and the overall hair fall is low. As a result, during pregnancy, women have thicker and stronger hair.

causes of postpartum hair loss

The body and hormones change post-pregnancy. The oestrogen level fall and the hormones undergo changes in your body. Due to this, the follicles lose the grip of the hair and the hair starts falling. But remember, this isn’t permanent and will be over soon.

Moreover, remember that these hair fall levels differ from one lady to another. It is witnessed that there is more hair loss or sudden hair loss among women with long hair. If you feel that it is getting serious, be free to consult your physician.

How to prevent hair fall?
This could be considered as the most important question to women post-pregnancy. The key point is to take care of your body with as much care as you took while you were pregnant. Most women do not take the required care of themselves for the few months just after pregnancy which is an ABSOLUTE NO. Here is what you could do to prevent losing your hair:

• Practice a little yoga and breathing exercises to help your body with the changing hormones.
• Eat healthy food and grab snacks between your meal because your body needs a lot of energy to look after yourself and your baby.
• Continue with a few prenatal vitamins but remember to consult with your doctor about which ones to consume.

How to Deal with Hair fall?

As postpartum hair loss is quite a common thing, you could do nothing to completely stop it but there are measures to lessen the hair fall and promote hair growth again. Here are a few of the tips needed by almost every woman:


Maintain a Diet: Now just like our body, even our hair needs good food to grow. Make up a diet plan for yourself to follow. Add up fruits and vegetables and yes, a lot of water in between because you still need hydration. Make sure you plan has sufficient protein and nutrients.

Take supplements: Get in touch with your doctor and talk about the supplements to stop hair from shedding and help them grow. Mostly consuming – Vitamin B, Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc is what would be advised to you as necessary.

Do not stress: Say Goodbye to stress over hair fall. All you need to know that it is temporary and hair fall has cured. Try meditating and go for an early morning walk. If you are feeling anxious due to hormonal changes, talk to your family and close friends. Get diversion and know its normal.

Get a new hairstyle: Ask your hairstylist to give your hair a new cut so that it looks like they have more volume comparatively. Highlight your strands and show that part on the other side that is looking good. Limit too much brushing and make a topknot, a bun, or a ponytail to avoid an obvious appearance of hair loss.

Shop for new hair products: Shop for natural shampoos and conditioners. Make it a point to not wash your hair with too much hot water and let them dry before you comb. Consult your dermatologist and use suggested hair mask and scalp spray to help the growth.

Stay Natural: Apply egg yolk once a week for smoother and healthier hair. Stay away from constant blow-drying and straightening. Get yourself a warm oil scalp massage periodically to help blood circulate. Invest in essential hair oils.

And above everything stay positive. Relax. Know that its something every woman goes through. As the hormones go back to the normal level, your hair will automatically get to the active phase again. Stay strong and look Fabulous.

What causes Postpartum Hair loss?

How to prevent hair fall?

How to Deal with Hair fall?

Maintain a Diet

Take supplements

Do not stress

Get a new hairstyle

Shop for new hair products

Stay Natural


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