What are the natural ways to have labour?

What are the natural ways to have labour?

The biggest concerns of all  pregnant women are labour pain and the natural occurrence of labour. However, your pre-assumed date of delivery is just a guess and women mostly deliver healthy babies two weeks before or after this pre-decided date. It is still recommended to wait until 40 weeks of pregnancy before you induce labour at home and let nature decide it.

What you also need to know before inducing the natural ways of having labour is that some of them could be harmless and a few could involve a lot of risks or might even lead you to a C-section delivery. So, before you try any of them, you may want to talk to your doctor and be sure of everything is safe.

Natural Ways of having a Labour:

Sex: It’s not clear if having intercourse may lead to natural labour, but there are some studies that agree to it. Also, there is no harm in having sex during pregnancy unless your water has started to break because it might lead to infections. Theoretically, it is assumed that there are many reasons, why having sex could help induce natural labour. One reason is that sexual intercourse leads to the release of oxytocin which helps start uterine contractions.


It could be anything that leads to your heart rate increase. There isn’t anything in particular to induce labour, but moderate exercises recommended during pregnancy and is also good for you and your baby. It also contributes to balancing your weight so that it does not go above recommended and even to reduce stress. Talk to your doctor about the exercise you could do and the ones you would have to avoid.

preparing-for-labour Exercise

Pineapple consumption: Pineapple is known to contain an enzyme known as bromelain. Every time you eat pineapple you might have experienced a tickle on your tongue or a sore mouth. This happens due to the breakage of protein in the tissue. Just like that, during pregnancy this bromelain is believed to travel to the cervix and break the tissues there, causing the cervix to soften and lead to labour.

Eating pineapple may not give you 100% results but then there is still no harm in trying it. Also, it is refreshing to eat. So why not? But note that it is known to cause heartburn, so do not overeat.

Acupuncture: You would have heard it as a traditional way to treat lot of different health issue and stimulating blood pressure. Now if you wonder how it is useful during pregnancy, let me tell you that acupuncture helps release oxytocin in the body. In 2013, around 400 women who had acupuncture done before labour or membrane stripping, did not face anything different when compared to the other group but these women did not seem to have any medical inductions during their delivery.

Natural Ways of having a Labour


The key point is that, you would never get on labour if you are stressed or nervous. Your mind and body need to be relaxed, to give birth naturally. Do not try too hard to get labour, instead, have a warm shower (not hot though). You could get a body or hair massage and go to sleep. Your goal here is relaxation, so do what you feel would probably make you calmer and more relaxed.

Go for a walk if you feel like or simply go for aromatherapy. If you have passed your due date, involve yourself in something special every day and keep the worries aside. You could also go for a manicure, pedicure, shopping baby clothes, a long drive with your partner and some ice cream, etc. And why not enjoy your last days of pregnancy to the core?

Nipple Stimulation: This has been proven a natural way for a lot of women although nothing guarantees. In this, some women massage their nipples to release oxytocin which is known to induce labour naturally. This method is sometimes known to have lead to excessively long, strong uterine contractions sometimes resulting in fetal heart rate slowing. Therefore, consult your medical expert and if your practitioner does not recommend, do not try it on your own.

However, always keep your excitement up and stress low. Believe that your baby is on its way and it was still worth it. Just never forget to consult your doctor or midwife before you involve into something. Stay Positive and Be relaxed.


1. Try to relax yourself because that’s the quickest way to labour. Have sexual intercourse or acupuncture or simply a dinner date with your partner.
2. Easy things that are known to stimulate in releasing oxytocin like pineapple.
3. Exercise or get into nipple stimulation but consult your doctor about it.

What are the natural ways to have labour?

Natural Ways of having a Labour:



Pineapple consumption




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