Why do I not get sleep during the night, during pregnancy?

Why do I not get sleep during the night, during pregnancy?

There will be so many failed attempts to have a proper and sound sleep at night during your period of expecting a baby. You will wake up so many times to urinate, get disturbed with the leg cramps, feel nausea and as the belly grows its almost impossible to find the perfect position to sleep in bed. And if at all you manage to sleep, get ready for those sudden baby kicks demanding for attention. But along with these, there could be a few other reasons why you are not able to sleep at night and may not be aware of it. So here are the things that lead to a disturbed sleep.

Why is it Difficult to sleep during Pregnancy?


Pregnancy women often feel very difficult to sleep and happen to stay up until late at night. It’s difficult to even maintain sleep or waking up early and not being able to go back to sleep. It may be a cause of anxiety, the stress of motherhood, or the constant back pain they go through. Pregnant women sleep a lot during the first trimester but then face a big drop in sleep at the later stages.

Difficult to sleep during Pregnancy

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS):

It is a condition due to which the mother experiences cramps, pain, strong pull, itching, creeping or burning sensation in leg especially when its at rest for a long period of time particularly in bed. This condition is very common but could be very disturbing. It can be helped by moving the legs or having a stretch periodically. But its a temporary solution and moving your legs again and again to avoid the pain could keep the mother awake. It is experienced the most during the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy but goes away after 1 month of delivery.

Sleep Apnea:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)is a sleep disorder characterized by interrupted breathing during sleep which results in an obstruction of the upper airways. Fatty tissues of the throat relax and collapse back into the airways during sleep. This causes snoring, followed by a pause in breath which makes you to choke and gasps air loudly in.During this process the brain is have awake to help the body breathe which might sooner results in waking up completely. It disturbs the overall quality of sleep and leads to morning sickness and headaches. Women who are overweight often experience this due to increasing fatty tissues.

Weird dreams during pregnancy

Weird dreams:

Another reason why pregnant ladies feel difficult to sleep is that they experience weird and vivid dreams. This disturbs their sleep and makes it difficult for the mother to go back to sleeping again.


This is most common in all the pregnant women and even though it occurs during the day time, it is worst at nights. The pregnancy hormonal is to be thanked for this. The stomach acid does not remain where is to be and causes heartburn.

Even the added weight causes a painful sensation in the oesophagus which relaxes the muscles of the stomach that normally keep the acid in its places, disturbing it. Help yourself by avoiding certain good types and having dinner at least 2 hours before bed.


Drinking coffee frequently during the period of pregnancy also affects the sleep of the pregnant woman

Urge to urinate:

During your pregnancy and mainly while your weight is increasing, you will experience the urge to urinate frequently. This will make you wake up a number of times during the night, disturbing your sleep. The added weight puts more pressure on your bladder making it difficult to hold on the water for a longer time and feel the need to pee. Using the bathroom, again and again, makes you stay awake and cause fatigue.

Back pain:

Most women experience severe back pain that makes it impossible to sleep. You will not be able to find a satisfying position and keep shifting. In such a case, use a pregnancy pillow to elevate your belly and have comfort.

You might desperately want sleep but would not be able to. Do not worry. There are tips and exercises you could do to help yourself and have a sound sleep. Its a part of your motherhood and nothing to worry about. If you feel like sleeping during the day, surely take short naps to keep yourself fresh and active.


1. There are a variety of reasons for improper sleep during pregnancy and 75% of women turn to be insomniac during pregnancy that other times in life.
2. Leg cramps and restless legs are one of the major reasons for disturbed sleep.
3. Difficulty to breathe, back pains, frequent urination and heartburn may be other reasons why you may not find sleeping easy.

Why is it Difficult to sleep during Pregnancy?


Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

Sleep Apnea

Weird dreams during pregnancy



Urge to urinate

Back pain


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