How birth order affects your child’s behaviour and personality?

How birth order affects your child’s behaviour and personality?

With the many things that affect your child’s behaviour and personality, their order of birth contributes equally. Birth order is the rank of the child in age with his/her other siblings. A baby’s arrival in the world isn’t something to be controlled, that’s why it does not define any human characteristics, but the order may affect behaviours.

There is no perfect order position. To be honest, the qualities relating to birth order can be broken into three larger components. To begin with, the parental frame of mind or child-raising methods, next comes parental birth order itself, lastly the age gap between every 2 children. Its fate of a kid that he/she is naturally born at a particular spot. Each spot in the order has its points of interest and difficulties.

Birth Order and Child Behaviour

There are a few birth order consequences for the character that have been observed. Here are a few of them:

1. Firstborns

Firstborn kids will, in general, be the ones who come first into the family, setting up new trends and are mostly more responsible. Further, when the next kid arrives, firstborn children build up a defensive nature for them, giving them an uplifted awareness of other’s expectations. Firstborn kids are persevering and anxious to satisfy their parents.

However, if guardians are excessively strict or demanding, it could make the first child invest more energy and efforts to satisfy them, even at the expense of their own genuine feelings of risk. It is likewise possible for them to create sentiments of envy and weakness if the guardians are disregarding them for the younger ones.

Firstborn kids
Middle Born

2. Middle Born

Centre children are regularly agreeable, populist and quiet. Since they don’t have the benefit of being the first kid or have the charm factor of the younger kid, they create their own mindset and act accordingly.

These children are most comfortable with their companions and spend time with them more than the other family members who may be focussed on their first or last child. These youngsters are in all respects agreeable, work great with groups and are mostly steady with their friends.

3. Last Born

Generally, the most youthful child is the one most dealt with, both by guardians and other members. Also, now the parents may begin to most likely loosened up their guidelines, enabling them to learn more about their other side which may not have happened with the elder kids.

These youngsters are regularly the pranksters and fun-seekers, additionally, are also exceptionally imaginative and creative. Most youthful youngsters are regularly the best at games, music or crafts.
This is due to an eagerness and wants to show improvement over their elder brothers and sisters. The negative angle to be noted here is that lastborn will, in general, be reckless and compared to the eldest kid in their family.

4. Single Child

The single child turns to be a particular person because of the love and warmth they receive from their family. Further, they lean towards being separated from everyone else more often than not and will, in general, be sharp and expressive, as they always have their folks around for discussion.

The single kid has no one to compete with, in their parent’s views. They unnecessarily expect this nature from everybody they meet. They will, in general, be needy and childish, being less ready to set up friend groups with children who have siblings.

How Does Birth Order Affect Child’s Personality?

Birth order personality attributes usually carry on into adulthood. For example, more established firstborns stay aggressive and eager in an offer to win the approval of their folks and other elderly people. Although, a great many people in authority positions, for example, organization heads, specialists, etc. will, in general, be the First Born.

Besides, middle born will in general focus more on keeping others needs than focusing on their own needs, which could make them feel directionless or lost. Last-born is very wonderful to be near, with the confidence and appeal of a youngster.

With regards to single kids, their adult personality will, in general, be less resistant towards change or absence of consideration. This is generally because they are more self-centred when they need to coordinate with other adults in a gathering.

Is Personality Fixed by Birth Order?

Luckily, no personality qualities are chosen by birth order. A part of the qualities required to develop personality requires:

Understanding: This includes studying about their position and role in your family and companion circles. When you know the various sets of character types that apply to your child, you will be able to help them improve better with their personality.

Identification: This includes identifying their different emotional behaviours and their sources. Distinguish your child’s different moods, times of frustration and what is causing it. Is the middle kid disappointed since they feel less cherished? Is the youngest kid treated like a little kid all the time?

Choice: This is where you really plan something to change your own conduct, instead of simply dwelling on it. Let your eldest kid know that they are loved and need not feel dis-approved. Give your Middle child some genuinely necessary warmth, invest one on one time with them, regardless of whether it’s simply going for a walk or a movie. Give the youngest or single child more responsibilities and work, with a reward for them when it is done. This will lessen their complaints on you and others around them.

While birth order’s impacts appear to be conceivable, most research done on them are not deeply predictable. However, it is critical to remember that adequate consideration, love, and affection inside the family are most important to build up the independence of your kid in a longer run.


1. Birth order affects personality and behaviour differently.
2. The firstborn are more responsible and the last ones are mostly dealt with.
3. The middle ones are more encompassed by companions and the single kid tend to be needier and more childish.

How birth order affects your child's behaviour and personality

Birth Order and Child Behaviour


Middle Born

Last Born

Single Child

How Does Birth Order Affect Child's Personality

Is Personality Fixed by Birth Order


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