What are the tips to take care of your vision?

What are the tips to take care of your vision?

Taking care of your eyes would ultimately contribute to a quality lifestyle. People often take vision for granted and wearing glasses is a common problem. But including simple tips could prevent you from major problems and help with never having to wear glasses. Here are a few things you need to take care off:



What you eat affects almost everything in your body including your vision. Now help your eyes and add 5 servings of fruits daily. Eat spinach and carrots because they are known to be made for your eyes. Fish is another excellent source of protein for your eyes. Add beans, nuts, and fresh juices to your plate. Also, who would not like such a colourful plate. A treat to your eyes

Put your polaroid shades on: Use the right sunglass to block the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays, from affecting your eyes. Put on ones which protect from 99 to 100% of these rays. Polaroid ones would be a great choice. If you wear contact lenses and most of them are UV proof, still opt for a pair of shades for extra protection. Plus, sunglass is always in trend, so why not think about investing in them?
3. Avoid rubbing the eyes: Your hands may have dirt, dust or bacteria even though they seem clean. Hence avoid rubbing your eyes to not let any such thing affect your eyes or cause irritation.

Keep yourself hydrated: It’s not about what you eat only, it’s even about ‘How much water you drink’. Keep yourself hydrated, because it is a great practice to avoid your eyes to turn dry and irritated again.

Get that beauty Sleep: Like your entire body, your eyes need sleep too. Go get sufficient sleeping hours to let your eyes revitalize and stay health. Keep those eyes closed because that is how they are recharged.

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Smoking isn’t eye-friendly: Trust me, the best decision would be giving up smoking. Not many people know that smoking can not only damage the optic nerve but also lead to age-related macular degeneration and other eye conditions such as cataract. So good for your life, health, eyes and yes also for your pocket.

Distance and Room Lighting: It is advised to keep your computer screen at least at a distance of an arm and a little low, to avoid direct strain on your eyes. Also, there should be sufficient and correct brightness in your room, but too much bright light is to be avoided, because they will cause extra stress.

Follow this great 20-20-20 technique: This method is not just unique but easy and fun. It says:
• For every 20 minutes, look away from your computer monitor and fix your gaze on an object that’s 20 feet away from you.
• Blink your eyes for 20 consecutive times to prevent dryness in the eyes.
• For every 20 minutes, move from you and walk at least 20 steps.
• This is not just good for your vision, but also promotes proper posture and blood circulation throughout the body.

safe makeup

Safe make up:

When it comes to eyes, we often use a lot of makeup around it. Often make it a practice to use safe products and also you need to take care while applying them so that nothing falls into your eyes. Make it a habit to clean the make-up completely at the end of the day, before you go to bed. There are also certain colour lenses that can make your eyes very dry and itching. Always try the best one for you. And as an extra tip, moisturize the area around your eyes including your eyelids to let the skin be safe, this make-up stays longer, without looking cakey.

Put on proper safety, while involved in certain activities: Now it is very important to protect your eyes not only from UV rays but also from other kinds of particles. Always wear goggles while you swim, so that your eyes stay safe from the chlorine water. Putting on safety goggles will protect you from dust. And wash your eyes with cold water after you are done with the work.

We need to prevent all the possible issues with these tips in everyday use. They are very practical and easy to perform. If you witness redness or prolonged dryness, do not neglect it. Visit your doctor today. Take care of your vision and keep your peepers healthy.
1. Food
2. Avoid rubbing the eyes & Keep yourself hydrated
3. Safe makeup & Get that beauty Sleep
4. Distance and Room Lighting
5. Smoking isn’t eye-friendly
6. Follow this great 20-20-20 technique

Taking care of your eyes

What you eat affects almost everything in your body including your vision

Put your polaroid shades on

Keep yourself hydrated

Get that beauty Sleep

Smoking isn’t eye-friendly


Malathi A Ganesh is a B. Com Graduate, NTT, M.A (Lit), PGDEA (PG in Education Administration), PGDCA (PG Diploma in Computer Application), DTE (Diploma in Teaching English), ICEPT (International Certificate in Education Preschool Teaching) from Singapore and B. Ed. She has been in the field of education for the past 20 years and has an experience of running her own pre-school She is the Founder & Director Academics of Smartkidz Educare India Pvt Ltd with 275+ play schools Pan India. She is an Educationist and a Child Psychologists by profession who wants to fulfill her dream of giving Quality Education to children in their earlier years. She is also into conducting positive parenting workshops, which talks about effective child rearing. She has conducted numerous parenting workshops in all her pre schools, schools and MNC’s.

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