How to get rid of bad odour from the sweat in teenagers and what are the remedies?

How to get rid of bad odour from the sweat in teenagers and what are the remedies?

Teenagers face a major issue of bad odour causing sweat that directly affects their self-esteem and the feeling of being appropriately presentable. Teenagers might spend huge amounts or a huge part of their pocket money on buying branded perfumes while promise them to smell good but all of that fails after a certain time and reapplying every hour would neither help. And even after nurturing your body you might come across the experience of body odour, but here are a few tricks which can fix bad odour that might help you bang it off.

What’s a Body odour?

Body odour, also known as bromhidrosis, is an unpleasant smell released from your body after sweating. When the bacteria get accumulated on the outer layer of the skin, the sweat produced is broken into acids, producing an unpleasant smell and odour.

The major causes of this bad odour mainly among teens could be issues like hormonal changes, improper physical hygiene along with bad breath and/or some sort of responsible disease.

getting adour from teen

Preventing and Stopping Body Odour:

Here are a few tricks you could help your teen with bad smelling sweat issues to get rid of the smell and possibly stop its occurrence in the future.

Extra Physical Care: After a long hectic day, make it a practice to have a shower after you come back home. It’s good to bath twice. It’s important to get rid of the dust and bacteria that may have stuck to your skin all day. You even have to get off the deodorant before the bacteria start living on it and cause to smell. Clean the nooks and corner where germs get to hide properly. Staying clean is key.

Choose Food: Now changing your diet and choosing the right food is another thing you got to do. No doubt that what you eat, affects everything, either a nice or a not so nice food and bad odour could be one of them. Some of the foods that are responsible for this are red meat, alcohol, spicy foods with garlic, curry and onions, and cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cabbage. (Hard to believe too many teens consume Brussel sprouts and cabbage regularly!)

Steal the lemon off the lemonade: Now you wonder why? Don’t actually steal but lemons are way useful for a lot of skin hacks and getting rid of odour could be one of those. All you got to do is: Squeeze two lemons in a bowl and add one cup water in it. (Water is necessary because lemons alone might feel sticky or dry the skin after a while) Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray on your armpits or where ever needed as a deodorant. Get rid of that bacteria and smell fresh.

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Note your clothing:

What you wear matters and how well you clean your clothes to get rid of the stinking smell coming from the used ones. Avoid polyester if you sweat excessively and also synthetic as it does not allow your body to breathe. Choose cotton clothes than they let your body breathe and help with the sweating too. And when choosing to wash, dip your clothes in white vinegar and take them off. Dry and wear odour free clothes.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Of the many remedies you would find on the internet ACV is one of the most amazing ones. Drink it or spray it. Do whatever you want. You could simply pour a little of it on a cotton ball and rub it on the areas required. Or else, pour a little of ACV and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It will help remove toxins from your body and help smell nice from within.

Alcohol of all: Alcohol is thought to help us when dealing with odour. All you need is a spoon of raw alcohol and a cotton ball again. Dip the cotton in alcohol and rub the areas you need. Rinse with water and kick that bad smell off.

Never get your confidence affected due to your bad odour. Instead, try and fix it. Keep yourself healthy and eat healthily. Use deodorants and if required carry a small pocket sized one for a quick handy fix, but do not make it a must every day. Go natural. Be confident, clean and smell good.

1. Keep yourself physically clean and wash the dirt away everyday.
2. Eat healthy and go for natural home remedies for a longer fix. Eg: lime
3. Choose what you wear and cleaning your clothes is also what you need.

What’s a Body odour?

Preventing and Stopping Body Odour

Extra Physical Care

Choose Food

Steal the lemon off the lemonade

Note your clothing

Apple Cider Vinegar

Alcohol of all

Alcohol is thought to help us when dealing with odour.

Now you wonder why?

Now changing your diet and choosing the right food is another thing you got to do


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