What is the influence of peer pressure on teens?

What is the influence of peer pressure on teens?

Sometimes, it is not your teen who is the problem but your teen’s friends that is, other teens could be a problem for you and your child. Your teen might come under peer pressure and do certain stuff to fit in or feel acceptable by everybody.

In such a case, blaming your teen is of no help or probably blaming anyone else. So, know what has happened and what was the situation before you punish your kid for doing something unreasonable or wrong.

At some point in life, we all may have had experienced pressure from our friends or companions. Some people you just take it with ease while some others might be hugely affected. And you might underestimate now and not understand your teen because it was ages ago when you felt such a thing while you were a teen.

Positive and Negative Influences:

You need to be aware of the fact that peer pressure isn’t always negative. There could be positive results that might come out. Does it mainly depend on who your teen’s peers are? They are actually the people your child spends most of the time with and there could be different peer groups.

Positive and Negative Influences peer pressure

It’s obvious that your kid now spends less time with you and more time at school, tuition or hobby class, sports, neighbourhood and over the internet socializing. He will probably meet with their peers at these places and they may play an important role in their life for them.

Looking on the Positive influences:

• If you have a child who is an introvert and does not feel comfortable opening up, then that’s where peer pressure comes in. To help him speak and socialize with people or friends would help him to a great extent. This might help him have a belief in support and belongingness.

• Your child might come across peers who have a similar interest or interesting hobbies for your child. Your teen might choose to join a particular interest group just because all of his friends are a part of it. Imposing pressure to get involved in that particular task or subject, might help your child have a piece of increased knowledge and skill.

• Improved confidence and improved grades could also be one of the outcomes. If your teen belongs to a bunch of peers who believe in scoring good and answering in confidence, your child might be pressurized to improve himself to be equal to the rest of them and not be looked as low or incapable.
Considering the Possible Negative influences:

• As it has positive, it even has negative effects where the child might feel low about themselves and there might be a fall in their confidence. Not being able to fit in might be the most common reason for the downfall of confidence even in a normally confident child.

• There are legitimate chances of your child’s academic scores being affected due to peer pressure. Having approval from their peer groups is most important to them than even parents or teachers. Not having so, might disturb their focus, concentration and peace of mind which will so affect the academics.

Teens Pressuring Girl to Drink

• You child is under high risk of being able to adopt inappropriate habits be it smoking or drinking alcohol. Your child may not always be able to say a “NO” because doing so may have him tagged as “uncool” or boring, not gaining approval. This is one of the extreme forms of peer pressure.

• Your teen now belongs to various peer group and there are chances of having peers who spend lavishly and act proud about it. A school is a place where kids of various backgrounds come to and if at all your child does not have enough to match his peers, he might start to feel bad about himself and probably be ashamed of his very own family for not being able to provide him with the required comforts to match his peers.

• Last but not least, it could be the increased distance which leads him to depression. The influence of peer pressure could be so bad that your child may not be able to accept his own self. He might begin to distance oneself from friends and family so as to not having to face or answer anybody. The ultimate depression might isolate him and, in some cases, give rise to suicidal thoughts

Nevertheless, whatever may be the case and however, may the influence of peer pressure be, in the end, it is up to the decision-making capability of your teen at that point of life. Remember to always make your child feel loved and cared for. Make your child choose his peers wisely and believe in himself.


1. Peer pressure could have both positive and negative influences.
2. The child may either be confident about himself or not feel confident at all and begin to isolate from friends and family.
3. It either gives rise to good habits and qualities or forces them to opt for undesired ones to gain acceptance and approval.

Positive and Negative Influences

Looking on the Positive influences

Considering the Possible Negative influences

Peer pressure

What is the influence of peer pressure on teens?


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