How can you make your Toddlers Bath-time Interesting?

How can you make your Toddlers Bath-time Interesting?

By now your toddler is much more active than before and keeping her still while bathing will not be easy. It should be a fun time for your toddler as well as you. You can bath your little one a few times a week. But if he gets dirty easily and enjoys bathing then once a day it should be fine too.

Bathing a toddler is quite similar to bathing a baby. Use a washcloth and start from the head, clean your toddler’s face thoroughly along with their ears, nose, and eyes. Apply slight pressure on them. Rub their chest area with a washcloth in concentric circles and be gentle. Clean the genital area and the diaper area thoroughly.

Bath-time essentials

• Make sure you keep everything ready in advance like- towels, clean nappy or diapers, and clean clothes.
• Make sure that the temperature of the water is not too hot or not too cold. It should be moderate.
• Fill the tub till the height of your toddler’s belly button.
• Ensure that you are always within arms reach of your toddler. Never leave her alone.

Make it fun!

Try making bathing a fun activity. Play games and create various distractions for your toddler to enjoy and have fun.

Making it fun: Now that they have grown up, they are much more active than before, and their attention span is less. You need to make it fun to keep them engaged until you clean them thoroughly. Use different toys or create activities to distract them, to make it more enjoyable.


Get in all sorts of toys to distract your toddler. You can get a rubber ducky, soft toys, boats or mini water guns to play with while playing in the tub. But ensure that these toys are not pointy or harmful to your child in any way. Play different water games with them to turn this into a fun event rather than a routine one.

Try finding containers of different shapes and sizes. You can keep your little one occupied by letting her fill and empty the cup.

toddler bathing

Get in: Why not get in and have fun with your little one? Carry your little one and sit down in the tub and play games with her. You can also make her stand but make sure you are holding her throughout the time. Show her how to splash some water and how much fun it is. Being close to you will make her feel safe and confident and she’ll feel at ease.

Storytime: This is the best time to get some waterproof toys or puppets and weave a story to make bath-time more fun. A story always captures the attention of kids. It is the best way to create a distraction. You can read them a storybook too.

Creative: Get more creative and get paints and other artistic stuff to keep your child engaged. The variety of colors mixed will excite your kid and soon your little one will be lost in it.

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Keep it short and sweet: Don’t keep your baby in the tub for a longer period. They might get fussy or cranky. Give them a short bath followed by a good massage. This will help your baby relax.

Mess: Don’t worry about the mess your child is making. Let them just splash around and have their time. Just leave them to enjoy themselves.

Don’t consider bathing as a tedious chore. Instead, build up the mood for it and get excited. Seeing you, your child will be more interested to take a bath. Children are awed by the smallest of things. You can try out many things to make it fun for your toddler. But ensure that you keep all the security measures in check.

Bath-time essentials

Make it fun!

Keep it short and sweet


keep everything ready in advance like- towels, clean nappy or diapers, and clean clothes.

Get in all sorts of toys to distract your toddler


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