How can I give toilet training for my child? How can you tell that my child is ready for toilet training?

How can I give toilet training for my child? How can you tell that my child is ready for toilet training?

Changing diapers and cleaning your baby, again and again, could be quite a time consuming and tough task for most of the moms. It may worry you with “Is the diaper leaking already?” or “Have they pooped in the diaper now?” especially when you are outside in a party or movie and do not have the comforts of your house around. You want them to learn stuff and especially self peeing as soon as possible. It’s as exciting to you, as for them.

Toilet Training:

Teaching your kids to use the toilet on their own is what we term as toilet training. Toilet training can take as long as 3 months to 6 months. But there are chances that your baby might learn it before that or might take a little longer time. There could be steps in this. Although the first thing you have to decide is whether you want to give him the training using a potty pot or the toilet.

child going toilet

For this, you even need to know what your child will prefer more? There are kids who prefer potty pot because it could be less scary for them as compared to a toilet, where they feel they might fall in the toilet. Also, potty pots are mobile and familiar to them. However, some parents train their kids with both.

Secondly, get the right equipment. If you are training them with the toilet then you will have to buy a new baby toilet set that could be attached easily to the toilet and not feel scared to him. Also, for more convenience grab a small step for him to be able to sit on the seat himself.

Thirdly, establish a routine. Make your child sit on the toilet for eg. after he wakes up, 30-40 minutes after drinking lots of water or a while after he has food (Many kids have a bowel moment after they have had their meal) and also when he shows signs of using the toilet like squatting, crossing legs and so on. Additionally, kids learn better when they see. So, let their siblings or you sit on the toilet seat and make them know how it’s done.

Make sure that when you start the training there is no disturbance or gap in it like a vacation, expecting another baby or guests for stay or shifting of house etc. Also, let the baby wear clothes that are easy to remove because undressing is a part of toilet training.

toilet training to a child

1. Teach your baby words that relate to using the toilet like – Poo, pee, wee or I need to go.
2. You could make him wear trainer pants to understand the feeling of wetness.
3. Make sure the baby consumes a lot of fibre and is hydrated or else it might lead to constipation. Constipation would interrupt the toilet training.
4. Most important is that, do not force your child to sit on the toilet seat against his wish.

Signs implying ready for Toilet Training:

Most children are ready for toilet training at the age of 2 to 4 years. Although, a few of them could show signs to start the toilet training at the age of 18months. Here are signs that your kid is ready for toilet training:
• He could walk and sit for shorter time spans.
• The baby could complete small tasks on their own and could possibly say “no” for something he does not want to do.
• When your child is able to follow simple instructions. For instance, “Give this phone to daddy”
• Is able to express his urge to poop or pee by saying poo or the word you might have taught him.
• Is able to get down his pants, diapers or disposable pants without any help.
• Shows interest in using the toilet by telling you that they need to pee or says by gesturing it. And not just peeing in the diaper.
• Is able to keep the nappy dry for 2 or more hours. This shows he can store it in his bladder.
• Begins to dislike wearing diapers and pulls it off when its wet or soiled.
Remember, that not all the signs are meant to be present. You will eventually understand when the right time is. A fun fact is that boys take a longer time to learn when compared to girls. But no matter who you are training, a baby boy or a baby girl, having patience and taking care of the hygiene by cleaning the potty pot and the toilet seats, is the most important thing. So Good Luck.

Toilet Training

Tips for toilet training

Signs implying ready for Toilet Training

Changing diapers and cleaning your baby, again and again,

Teaching your kids to use the toilet on their own

Toilet training can take as long as 3 months to 6 months


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