How to Curb Your Toddler’s Whining?

How to Curb Your Toddler’s Whining?

One of the most challenging tasks as a parent is to figure out why your toddler is crying. Their language has not developed at such a young age so the only way they can convey their thoughts to you is through emotions. When something delights the child, they may smile or laugh. When they are upset or frustrated, they may cry.

You never know what your baby is thinking. Is the light in the room too bright and irritating him? Is he hungry? Does he need a diaper change? Is your baby thirsty? Does he have a stomach ache? These are some of the most common thoughts which may cross your mind as a parent. It can get frustrating when your baby refuses to quiet down no matter what you try. Distress also affects his sleep cycle.

Children usually cry when they need something. For you to understand why your little one is crying, make a checklist so you can cross-check the situation. You can include a wide range of things from sleep to food. If your toddler has taken his most recent meal, then tick off that box. The cause of his tears is not hunger in most cases unless he is sick with a stomach ache. Sometimes you might try coaxing your child as much as you can, but nothing works.

Hunger : Your child can’t just pat your hand and say, “I am hungry.” Hunger can stress kids out because they feel energyless. You can try touching his lips and if he opens his mouth, it means he is hungry. Sometimes, something as simple as food can fix his mood. Also, you could teach your one-year-old baby, small words like “milk”. Most children invent their own variations of these words so observe what he says before you give him food.

Sleep: If your child didn’t sleep well the night before, he’s likely to get irritable and cry. Babies need a fixed amount of sleep and they tire easily. They may still appear active, but their energy levels are lower as compared to the day before. Nothing can refresh them better than a quick nap! Babies even tend to cry after waking up as they need to adjust to the change. Give it a few minutes and they are back on their feet.

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Diaper change: When their diapers are full, the extra load irritates them while walking around. It even bothers their skin. Sometimes rashes appear on their skin. Take your baby to a doctor who can recommend proper creams.

Allergies: When your child is crying uncontrollably and nothing seems to work this could be the reason. Maybe he is suffering from an allergic reaction. Some kind of food or cream must have triggered this reaction. The thing with allergies is that you won’t know for sure until you visit the doctor.

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Environment:Sometimes a change in the environment can make them cry. For example, Uncomfortable beds, stuffy rooms, hot weather and itchy clothes. Something as small as changing his outfit can stop the crying.

Injury: Did your child hurt himself when you weren’t around? Check his body for cuts, bruises or redness. Maybe the injury didn’t leave a mark. In this case, all you can do is rock your baby gently and try to distract him.

Other things you can do to curb your baby’s whining is :

1. Hand him his favourite toy. This can be a soft toy or anything he feels special.
2. Step out of the house so that he gets some fresh air. You could take him for a walk. Does your baby react well to your dog?
3. Music can be therapeutic as well. Play some soft music so your baby calms down. You could try swaying your child in tune with the music.

Trying to calm a whining baby takes patience and time. Especially because when your baby is crying, and you are in turn worrying. This doesn’t leave much room for logical thought. If you’re feeling very anxious, then leave the baby down and try to think with a cool mind. Acting on impulse can worsen the situation.


As a parent, you probably have a gut feeling about the situation. Sometimes you should trust your instincts because no one knows your child better than you. In more serious cases, like sickness or allergies, going to a doctor is recommended. Feeling overwhelmed is normal, especially for first-time parents. If your baby cries often, seek advice from people such as your parents or a professional.

• Toddlers cry due to several reasons stemming from their inability to express themselves in words. The most common reasons for their tears are hunger, sleepiness, thirst, and injury.
• To stop your baby from crying, you need to understand the root cause. A crying baby can be overwhelming so make a mental checklist of the reasons. Writing it down can help for future references.
• Sometimes a little recreation such as going out for a walk and playing appealing music can help.
• Allow yourself to put your baby down for some time even if he is crying. Hand him over to a trusted individual if you can. This can help you think of ways to fix the situation.

How to Curb Your Toddler’s Whining



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