How does the social and emotional development of a child take place during bath time?

How does the social and emotional development of a child take place during bath time?

Traditionally it is a pre-conceived notion that bath time is only to clean your children and keep them hygienic. Bath-time, which consists of both cleansing and massage offers a multi-sensory purpose and plays an important role in your child’s overall development. It is an excellent way to bond with your child and discover new things together.

Bath time can be used as a perfect time to grow and learn new things and make discoveries. It instills self-confidence in your little one. Using different toys, activities and telling stories helps in enhancing your child’s learning and changes their outlook towards the world. Your toddler feels independent when she takes care of her toys, puts soap or cleans herself. The thinking skills of your baby are enhanced, when she thinks about different scenarios with her toys or when she watches a puppet show or the enactment or reading of a book.

As your little one plays around in the bathtub her motor skills also develop. Playing music and telling stories enthusiastically helps stimulate the functioning of their brain and multiply there thinking skills. It helps the child build a good memory. It also helps them in developing their language skills and builds their vocabulary.

While giving a bath to your toddler you also tend to massage their arms and legs. It helps in their motor skills development. Massage has proven to be the most effective way to establish skin-to-skin contact with your baby. It’s also the perfect way to bond with your baby.

baby massage after bath

The sense of touch leads to physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. It gives them the feeling of security and lets them try out new stuff. It relaxes their muscles as well as their mind and helps them get a good sleep. The smell of soap, splashing water and the bursting of bubbles has a calming effect and creates a sense of positivity around them.

Most importantly bath time is a no technology zone. It has been observed that most parents refrain from getting their phones during their baby’s bath time. Instead, their undivided attention is towards their little one. It is a sign of progress as you can bond properly with your baby with no distractions whatsoever.

Make your baby’s bath time educational. Telling stories, conduct different activities not only for fun but also as a learning experience. Listening to different sounds, looking at gestures raises a curiosity in their mind and boosts thinking skills. This is also the best time to talk to them. They might not understand fully but will pay attention to whatever you are saying and try to comprehend it’s meaning. In this way, they’ll learn new words as well.

You play a key role in your child’s development. Be more encouraging and attentive to what your child does. Give credit to your child’s smallest accomplishments. This gives them the boost to go and try out new things. With your love and support, she can grow and learn. After a bath just wrap them in a towel and just cuddle for a few minutes.

Massage them with some body lotion or moisturizer; this gives you more skin-to-skin time with your little one. Show her your love and help her boost her self-confidence and self-esteem. It works towards their social-emotional development.

child bath time

Let your little one know that she is doing a good job. Engage your child by asking her to wash her body parts and also indicate what they are. This way she’ll know, that she can take care of herself. Appreciating their little discoveries gives them the feeling of importance and being capable. By providing your unconditional support you can help her tackle all the situations.


The above article talks about the social and emotional development of your child during bath time.
• It indicates how simple activities like storytelling, playing games; splashing water and bursting bubbles can help in your child’s overall development.
• Bath time is one of the most effective ways of establishing skin-to-skin contact.
• Undivided attention is given to your child without any distractions.
• The confidence of the child develops.

social and emotional development of a child

Bath time is one of the most effective ways of establishing skin-to-skin contact.

You play a key role in your child’s development.

Bath time can be used as a perfect time to grow and learn new things and make discoveries

massage their arms and legs


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