Tips for grandparents to develop different skills to one-year-old child.

Tips for grandparents to develop different skills to one-year-old child.

Becoming a grandparent is one of the greatest joys of life. You get to enjoy the little one’s first steps, take part in family vacations, and be there to watch your children enter a new stage in life as parents. At the same time, you get to sidestep from actual parenting—the nightly wake-ups, the sleep training, the report cards, that whole puberty thing and having to save for college tuition.

But that doesn’t mean grandparenting is a walk in the park. And just because the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is an exceptional one, it doesn’t mean it comes without issues.

Monitor Skills: Help your grandchild execute skills that tie in with your own likes and limitations. For example:

• Involve him in physical activities like sweeping, cooking small items or arranging things around the house in which you can lend a helping hand to ensure his success and safety.
• Devise and initiate outdoor games and exercises that you and he can enjoy together.

Cognitive Milestones: To help your grandchild develop cognitively:

• Read moral storybooks to him.
• Play music and sing songs along with him.
• Assist him as he begins to learn his first numbers or alphabets.
• Play hiding games like hide-and-seek and peekaboo with them.
• Mix fantasy play with real play so that they are more interested.

grand parent playing with 1 year old baby

Social Development:

• Encourage your grandchild to interact with his peers, but keep in mind that egocentric behaviour is normal for this age.
• Don’t overreact to selfishness or disregarding the feelings of others. Just reinforce that he should be sensitive to the feelings of other children.
• Do not give him a motorized riding toy.
• Do not give him a toy that has small parts or sharp edges. Stick with toys that are considered for toddlers, not for older children.
Water Safety is very important:
• Never let go of your toddler, even for a few seconds, in or near any water bodies without supervision. This includes even a bathtub, toilet, wading pool, swimming pool, fishpond, whirlpool, hot tub, etc.
Automobile Safety:
• The safest place for all children below the required age is to ride is in their car in the backseat.
• Never let your toddler jump out of his car seat while the car is moving.
• Keep in mind that this period of self-centeredness will fade off by the age of three.
• Nurture his self-esteem at every moment, but not at the expense of others.

Emotional Development:

• Repeatedly tell your grandchild how special he is to you to show how much you love him. Tell him how precious the time spent with him is important to you.
• Don’t exaggerate to the mood swings he goes through—clinging one moment, independent the next and defiant after that.
• If he becomes abusive, set limits, but do not physically dampen or punish him.
• Follow your own propensity, about the activities or areas that can promote his overall development.

Get silly:Grandparenting can mean all the fun of kids but also along with all the responsibility. So enjoy it! Get down on the floor and play with your new grandchild. Act out foolish like playing with finger puppets, invent stories, and make faces. Save up jest to tell older kids and watch funny movies together.

Don’t be a burden:Be careful of the common pitfall of over-anxious grandparents: Making more work for the new parents rather than less.
As your grandchildren get older, think of ways to spend quality time with them that are helpful to the parents as well, not unwelcome or requiring a lot of organization and planning on their part.
Come up with fun experiences where all they have to do is show up for you.

grandparent with child

Be your grandchild’s confident: You are a foremost outlet for your grandchildren because you offer an alternative perspective from their parents. Listen and motivate them to open up to you as much as possible. Don’t limit telephone calls to specific events like birthdays or holidays. Instead, call throughout the year whenever possible and keep it light and fun.

The first day of school or a try-out, a big game, or a playdate with a new friend are all reasons are enough to get on the phone. Use video calling if you can – it can be more fun when you can see each other and that improves your bond.

Keep track of your grandchild’s likes and heed, the names they give to their new dolls or stuffed animals, books they have been reading anything you can ask about in the next conversation so they know you have been paying attention to what they talk.

You may think you are very good at handling babies, but if your grandchild starts crying for their parents, don’t insist upon continuing to hold them. The trick that always worked to stop your offspring from crying when they were little isn’t foolproof, and keeping an upset child from their main sources of comfort will likely make the problem even worse.

Tips for grandparents to develop different skills to one-year-old child

Monitor Skills

Cognitive Milestones

Social Development

Water Safety is very important

Automobile Safety

Emotional Development

Get silly

Don't be a burden

Be your grandchild's confident



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