What is the child’s capacity to grasp or absorb during the first 3 years of birth?

What is the child’s capacity to grasp or absorb during the first 3 years of birth?

Child’s brain works in a very different way than an adult’s brain. A child’s brain is like a sponge i.e. it soaks huge amounts of information from the environment. They have an open mindset that is designed to learn. They tend to learn fast and also forget fast.

The ones which are repeated regularly stands an imprint in the mind of the child and he tends not to forget. The things he sees are not only just remembered but also, they form a part of his soul.

There are two stages of brain development:

The unconscious stage and conscious stage. From birth to three years, the child absorbs information unconsciously or unknowingly. The child learns to sit, stand, walk, eat and speak etc. without conscious effort on his part. From three to six years of age, the child will pass into the conscious stage of development.

child development

At birth, the infant has almost all the neurons developed in the brain that he’ll need for the rest of his life. Early in their life, the child will start to form synapses at a faster rate than at any other time of life. Because the baby rapidly starts creating synapses, it becomes a critical period for learning things. The flexibility in the child’s brains provides a unique opportunity to create a solid foundation for the rest of their life.

Explicit memory also called declarative memory or episodic memory (recollection of experiences) is the first kind of memory that a child starts to exhibit in the first three years of his life. Baby’s memory grows slowly over their early childhood. Some of the indications that babies show is a preference for their mother’s voice shortly after birth, by six months babies can learn the cause and effect relationships.

The baby’s language develops very quickly between the ages of 2 to 3 years. They start putting words into short sentences. They let people know what they want using words. They start saying words correctly. They might play and talk at the same time. Anybody can probably understand most of the things that the baby says by the time he’s three.

At just three years of age, the child’s brain is about eighty per cent of the size of an adult brain. Kids learn faster because of the prefrontal cortex of the brain where the working memory is stored. The prefrontal cortex is less developed in children when compared to adults. Because of this children experience functional flexibility.

The child’s ability to remember things will be helpful for them throughout their lives. As they grow, it will allow them to plan, make goals and use previous information or experiences to make decisions and create new ideas. There are many strategies that parents can use to improve the memory of their child. A few of these strategies are given below:

storytelling to baby

Story Telling:

Ask your child to tell a story. Storytelling is a powerful tool which helps in improving the memory and communication skills of the child. Stories last longer in their memory than individual facts.


Repetition is another way of improving a child’s memory. It is a simple way which enables them to strengthen the connections in the brain and memorize interesting stories or information. That is rote learning which plays an important role.

Associations and Connections: As the child becomes self-aware regarding his own memory, he will start using complicated memory strategies in order to make learning easier. One such strategy is associations and connections. This includes drawing pictures that are an imagery representation of ideas.

There are two stages of brain development

Story Telling


Associations and Connections

improving a child’s memory

The baby’s language develops


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